Classic BTCC Racing- Silverstone 1992.

I haven’t been in a huge mood to do a lot of writing, but I have been watching tons of racing videos. Spending some time chatting with some of our followers on Twitter, someone brought up classic British Touring Car racing, and this video came to mind.

Anyone know any modern-day drivers that battle this hard? Reminds me of some of the local kart races I’ve watched.

2 thoughts on “Classic BTCC Racing- Silverstone 1992.

  1. Fantastic, I’ve seen this clip gazillion times over the years.. Great camera shots as well, cameras all over the cars. You will not see anything like it in F1, ever!

    I remember watching this BTCC racing on the BBC when I was (very) young, I guess that’s where the passion began :p I have been longing after one of those early supertourers for years. Sometimes rolling shells come up for sale for ridiculously low prices (€9k) as no-one else wants these cars as you can’t race them anywhere.. Shame! I even know where one of the Alfas from 1994 is rotting away in a field, it’s the actual car that Tarquini rolled (see here:, it’s now a show car 🙂

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