Street Parked: Slammed and Chopped 1950 Chevy Pickup

Low and Slow
Thanks to this year’s Super Bowl commercial, we know that Chevy pickups are Mayan Apocalypse proof. This truck is loaded with mojo, including an extra spooky feature in the cab.

Mmm... Patron
Red and white works great on this truck, as does the speed bump scraping ride height.
Spider truck, spider truck, it will freaking kill you
I won’t go into detail about how a 1950 Chevy pickup was equipped when new as this one is probably far from stock. Suffice it to say it has a presence that cannot be ignored.
Modern style belt line
Modern cars have too high belt lines. Look at the new Camaro; there’s no way any normal sized human could rest their arm on the door with the window down. The belt line is at chin height! This truck has enough roof height that even with a few inches chopped, the driver can coolly drape his arm on the window sill (in a truck this sinister a cigarette is almost required).
What the hell is that on the seat!
The custom details are present in the cab as well. What hot rod is not complete without a foot shaped accelerator pedal and a skull? The new Chevy trucks are Mayan Apocalypse proof; this truck will be performing the Mayan Apocalypse. I would give this truck the right of way anywhere it goes. You have been warned.

Step aside and let the man go through

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