Friday Fine Art Fantasy: What if Senna lived?

While checking facebook this morning, I saw this breathtaking image posted by the Senna movie guys.

Formula Alone by Oleg Konin

Formula Alone by Oleg Konin

This image shows Ayrton Senna exiting his wrecked Williams after crashing in Tamburello at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. We of course know that didn’t happen. But what if Senna lived? Would he have salvaged the 1994 season with an improved Williams? How many more World Championships would he have won?

Put your thoughts in the comments, or just appreciate an image of a dream that sadly didn’t come true.

Image credit: Oleg Konin. Go here to buy a print of this striking image.

3 thoughts on “Friday Fine Art Fantasy: What if Senna lived?

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  2. He wouldn’t have beaten the 94 or 95 Bennetton, but Damon HIll’s title of 96 is definitely not out of the question. 97 was only won by Williams because Michael did something stupid and who is to say he’d have stayed with the team anyway.

    Montezemolo swears up and down that Ayrton told him that he wanted to finish his career with the Prancing Horse, and a combo of Michael and Aryton would have been very interesting to say the least.

    The large picture is that no titles are set in stone just because (so and so) is on the grid. For the better part of a decade, Fernando Alonso has been the best driver on the grid and only has two titles to show for it. A lot of it has to do with timing and luck. Senna’s rival, Prost, I would say is the best driver of the modern era, but even he was a runner up four times, all four of which could easily have been the other way around, making him an 8 time world champion instead of a four time. The what-if game is definitely a slippery slope.

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