Street Parked- Supercharged Road Racing Street Legal Rally Owned Focus- For Sale…No, really!

Yep, I did put all of those words in one title. Yes, it is all true too.

I just found out that this road-racing prepped 2001 Ford Focus is up for sale. The surprising part is that I also know the person who is selling it!

The owner is Don Wooten, who was my rally driving instructor when I went up to DirtFish Rally School. I first met Don when I was racing in Solo II autocross, and he was using this same car. It pulls at the racer heart-strings to see it go.

Don’s a really great driver, and he always takes good care of his cars, so I wanted to write a quick feature for him to help get the word out.

It always sucks to find out that a local racer has to sell his beloved ride.  However, that is always a new buyer’s gain, as that means is that the car is always excellently prepped and has a good build history.  (I learned that lesson when buying Kyoko.)

The crazy part about this car, is that it is street-legal! Can someone say “Race car for the road?!” If I had the money, I would buy this and turn it into my road racing car.

Some words from Don about the car- “This car was a Ford fleet vehicle used as part of a PR campaign to promote the Focus and the parts available from Ford Racing called “Revolt, Build, Rise”.  A person (the guy I bought it from) was chosen to receive the car and $10,000 in parts from the Ford Racing Catalog.  Once built the car did a few magazine spreads and some shows for Ford.”

After fulfilling his obligation to Ford he took the car to the next level to turn it into a Time Attack car.  He did a few of the Southern California Redline Time Attack Events.  With the help of Focus Sport (now FS Werks) they got 247 whp on a dyno.  That is before some of the improvements I made.“- Don

You can tell just by the stats sheet alone that a rediculous amount of work went into this Focus. Much respect is to be had for the amount of care and effort that went into turning this into a beast!

Under the hood:

  • 2.0 Zetec Power Works Supercharger, roots type, air to water intercooled.  Produced by Mahle with help from Ford.
  • CFM Throttle Body (65mm)
  • Custom Heat Shield/Cold Air Intake
  • Ford Racing Zetec Head (huge power gains)
  • Ford Racing Adjustable Cam Pulleys
  • New Gates Racing Timing Belt (blue) Did a new tensioner and idler pulley as well.
  • Massive Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • AEM Alternator Underdrive/Lightweight Pulley
  • Ford Racing Header (same as SVT Focus)
  • EGR is capped and system removed
  • SVT Off Road Pipe (no catalytic converter)
  • Borla SVT Exhaust (sounds very good)
  • Urethane hangers lock the system in place
  • Custom Oil Cooler with thermostat controlled fan (all AN lines)
  • PWR Aluminum Radiator (engine never gets hot)
  • New hoses.
  • New Gates Water Pump Jay Racing Aluminum Coolant Line New Starter with Heat Shield Wrap
  • Custom Power Steering Line (The stock line ran over the top of the header)
  • Massive MSD Coil Upgrade Kit
  • Optima D51 Yellow Top Battery relocated to interior
  • Upgraded all power and ground cables Custom PCV oil separator
  • VF Engineering Side Motor Mounts
  • Massive Lower Motor Mount


  • Torsen Differential
  • LUK Gold Clutch
  • Ford Synthetic Transmission Fluid


  • All New Ford Hardware
  • Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers
  • Complete Urethane Bushing Kit (All of them!)
  • Leo Capaldi Racing Front Camber Plates
  • Focus Sport Upper Strut Brace (Custom painted to match the car)
  • Focus Sport Front Lower Subframe Brace
  • New Front Control Arms with custom mounts for Porsche 993 brake cooling fins (fins included)
  • SPC Rear Camber Arms HTP Rear Toe Arms Reinforced
  • Rear Lower Control Arms (to prevent failure from larger sway bar)
  • Eibach Front Sway Bar Steeda Rear Sway Bar (Biggest they make.  I can include a smaller Eibach bar.) 17″
  • Ford Racing Wheels
  • Custom Race Alignment


  • 2005 Focus ST Front Conversion (Larger than stock. Conversion includes the 2005 knuckles and control arms.)
  • SVT Focus Rear Disk Conversion (replaced stock rear drums)
  • Hawk HP+ Pads Stainless Steel Lines
  • Motul 600 Fluid (changed often)


  • Gutted and Painted White (Only thing left is the dash. No stereo or speakers.)
  • Lightened Doors and Hatch Full Cage (6 point with door bars)
  • Corbeau Seat (With double locking slider.  Sits low.
  • Can include passenger seat and mount for a few more bucks)
  • Schroth 6 Point Harness Fire Suppression System (under hood and interior)
  • Ford Racing Short Shifter
  • RS Focus Shift Knob
  • RS Focus E-brake Handle
  • OMP Steering Wheel (300mm) (stock wheel with airbag included upon request)
  • Snap Off Steering Wheel Quick Release
  • Custom Gauges (oil pressure, water temp, boost)
  • Ford Racing Large Tach (with shift light)
  • Momo Pedal Covers SFI
  • Padding Custom Cargo Net


  • Custom Paint (4 different Focus colors)
  • Custom Vinyl Graphics
  • European Focus Front Bumper
  • European Focus Rear Bumper
  • Carbon Fiber Hood (Painted)
  • Custom Front Grill (Stock grill has lights that block air through the radiator)
  • Custom LED Front Running/Turn Signal Lights (To replace lights from stock grill)
  • Front and Rear Tow Hooks

The car is up for sale locally in the Washington area for $9000, which is an awesome deal for a race car. Check out his listing here, if you’re interested and would like to contact Don.

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