Heading into 2012…as if we had a choice. ;)

Well we’ve got about thirty-five hours left in 2011 as I write this post, so I figured that this was a good of time as any to reflect on the year gone by.  I can say that I’m pretty content with the progress that StartingGrid.org has made over the last nine months.

  1. We’ve posted over 430 articles, full of video and photography about ‘Automotiveness’
  2. New writers have come onboard from all over and started contributing awesome content.
  3. We’ve picked up some followers on Facebook and on Twitter (Totally cool folks, btw!)

Looking into the new year, I’ve got some interesting aims for the blog that should serve to provide our followers with even more original content.  We’ve picked up a few sponsors over the year, and we’re working together on a project to increase exposure of StartingGrid.org to a wider audience. I can talk about it more as 2012 progresses, but it should lead to be pretty interesting.

Other things that will be in the pipe in 2012.

  1. More project log posts that work on ‘Kyoko’ finally gets underway.
  2. More authored posts and video from our contributors.
  3. Also, I’m learning more about web design and code, so hopefully you should see some new widgets and UI enhancements to the site

I also wanted to take the time to say thanks to all of our followers over the year. I know that there are a lot of blogs to surf over, and I wanted everyone to know that I appreciate the time that you take on ours.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback, or want to join in and start doing some writing yourself!

It’s been a fun ride in 2011, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more cool stuff in 2012. Bang!

-Davin Sturdivant.

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