What are your thoughts about Group Lotus/Lotus Cars?

I have a personal dilemma about the Lotus brand. Because of Formula 1,  Group Lotus was always labeled as ‘Evil Lotus’ in my mind. (That’s only because I find Team Lotus/Tony Fernandes to be super charming, and Danny Behar’s media branding to be really annoying.)

And there lies my problem. I’m not sure how I feel about the modern-day Lotus brand.

I like that Lotus Motorsport is being involved in IndyCar and rally, while I don’t like them in Formula 1. The classic heritage of  lightweight Lotus road cars has always been attractive to me. However that ethos is not really involved in the current design philosophy, which is making the cars larger and heavier.

Therefore, I can’t put my finger on whether I like Lotus or not.

What are your thoughts about Lotus in the modern-era as a manufacturer?

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