Engine Sound-off: Saab 96 Two Stroke Triple

This week marked the passing into history of Saab when the CEO filed bankruptcy papers in Sweden. As a Saab fan and owner this saddens me. Recent Saabs have been badge engineered GM products; nice cars, just not as unique as the cars that came prior to GM ownership. The subject of this post is one of the great rally cars of all time, winning the Monte Carlo rally in 1962 and 1963 at the hand of Erik Carlsson.

The raucous, angry howl emitted by this car is much more engaging than that emitted by Davin’s ITBed 4AGE. In fact, I’d place this car in the same aural arena as the 767B.

Take a listen to this video and listen as the monster approaches. If I were on a logging road and heard this sound approaching, I’d wet myself. I might feel a little differently after all 850ccs of its displacement shouted by. These cars are powered by a two stroke, three cylinder engine and feature a free-wheeling transmission.

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