Engine Sound-off: 4AGE (16v) + ITBs + 10,000rpm = Winner

So during last week’s Engine Sound-off, Bret challenged my 787B with his BRM 1.5 litre V16.  I decided after that to come out of left field with my return volley.

Enter the 1.6 liter 4AGE, tuned by Techno-Pro Spirits with individual throttle bodies. At high-revs, this is one of my favorite sounding engines of all time.


10,000rpm? Yes, please.

Rebuttal, Mr. Dodson? 😉

5 thoughts on “Engine Sound-off: 4AGE (16v) + ITBs + 10,000rpm = Winner

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  2. When I had my first MR2, an ’87, it was long my fantasy to have this engine in that tiny overheated engine compartment. I most certainly lacked the means, but I’ve always wondered if someone ever managed to run this engine in the middle.

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