Tips during the racing “off season”.

Kyoko: Winter Mode complete.

I never thought of the winter season, as an ‘off-season’. Rather, it was just a season where everything was just really cold. Just because it gets colder outside, doesn’t mean that you have to sit around idle. Taking advantage of the time during the winter will always pay dividends, when things warm up again.

1) Preparation in the garage- Winter is always a good time to bring the machines into the garage for some routine maintenance. Take a moment to put the car up on jacks (or kart on stands), and change of the fluids and wear parts that you can afford to replace. If the car/kart stays in the garage all winter, this is also a good opportunity to plan out any updates or upgrades to your vehicle, and spend more time learning about the mechanical bits.

2) Hit the gym for improvement physical fitness- This is a perfect time to get started doing gym work that you said you were going to do over the summer. Driving consists primarily of cardiovascular and core movements. So it will be helpful as a driver to get in better physical shape in those areas during the winter months to improve your overall endurance and strength.

3) Play racing games or simulation games to sharpen the base skills- Gaming is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to work on keeping the mind sharp during the winter season. Picking up games like Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360), Gran Turismo 6 (PS3), or R-Factor (PC) allow you to play online again other sharp racers and work on developing your mental strength. (If you choose to think of it that way.)

4) Indoor karting: Indoor karting tracks are a good ways to get some seat time during the winter, in a relatively temperature controlled environment. Some kart tracks have winter leagues, that help keep the race skills sharp until you can get back onto the larger tracks.


Or if it’s all too much work, you could just take a page out of these guys’ book… and relax 😉

off seasons from Drift Alliance on Vimeo.

What do you guys do during the winter?

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