Global Concept Automobile #BMW 1M- Multi-national awesomeness

I can never say ‘No’ to a production-based racecar. With the BMW 1M being such a fantastic road car, it was just a matter of time before someone designed to design one into a serious racer.

This car was designed by French company, Global Concept Automobile. Through their engineering arm, GC Automobile developed this silhouette BMW 1M to be suitable for FIA series races.

Producing around 550 bhp, this BMW is powered by a tuned small block Chevy V8…(That’s right, I said it) to complete in global endurance races. So basically, it’s a French designed German car that’s powered by an American V8.

Genius. Today the French have gained more points in by book, just for this. (Video below)

Thanks for Jon Sibal for the find. (Pictures below)

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