Random Snap: Center Tachometer Love

Followers of our blog know that I love Mazda Miata’s/Eunos Roadsters, even when I hated my own car. Another thing that I love are center-mounted tachometers. Personally as a driver, the engine revolutions and fluid temperatures are the only important pieces of information that I need to see.

So when I find a picture of a center-mounted tachometer in a Miata, it makes me a very happy boy.

I don’t know who created this cluster, and I wish I had more information. I believe that gauges are Defi.

What I do know is that I wish I had these gauges in my own Roadster.

7 thoughts on “Random Snap: Center Tachometer Love

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  2. haha, i think my first buy for my NA is going to upgrade to proper coilovers. i have koni yellow’s w/ ground control coilover sleeves. the shocks seem tired, cause it bounces around a fair bit.

    i attempted to swap out the suspension for a different set today, but ran into some difficulty removing the front assembly… is there a secret handshake i have to do with my car that i’m not aware of? lol

  3. You are right about the guages. i believe it is all together with the defi link system.. it’s a costly setup, but defi is quality for sure.

    another setup i’ve seen is the stack gauge cluster, and the microtech dash unit if you run that as your engine management.

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