Project Kyoko: Winter Cleaning

Enkei RPF-1s- They need to be cleaned, and new rubber mounted for the summer time

So yesterday, I mounted Kyoko’s winter wheels and loaded her summer shoes into the apartment.  They are Enkei RFP-1s with Toyo Proxes on them. However, since I bought the car in the winter time, I never really got the chance to feel what Proxes drove like in the proper operating temperature.

Regardless, I will take the time to properly clean the wheels now that they are off the car. Also, this gives me some time to figure out what summertime rubber that I will mount on them in the next few months. I’ve been super interested in the Falken RT615-K, so that is always an option. Also, if I know someone who has some used summer rubber, I may just use those depending on the budget when the time comes.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some more photos with Kyoko with something more than a cheap camera phone, but for the moment….*click!*

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