Project Kyoko- Rebirth of the Roadster.

Yep, so I picked up a new car, and she’s got stickers.

So after all of the recent drama with Kasumi, I decided that enough was enough. She recently was sold to another autocross contact, who wanted to turn her into a race car.

Originally when I was looking for Miata, I wanted to get one that had been maintained by another autocrosser.  That way I would know the general history of the car, and I would have someone to help me figure out any problems she had.

I got impatient, and ended up purchasing Kasumi.  In short, Kasumi was like a bad girlfriend that you look back on when you’re 30 and laugh about. She broke down all the time, and I had to replace nearly everything on the car.  It started out fun, but ended up being a nightmare.

Although I had such a poor experience with my first Miata, I knew that it wasn’t the car’s fault.


So I bought ‘Kyoko’, from a friend who is getting into karting. The car has been to autocross national championships several times as an STS class car that was built by StartingGrid reader, Peter Umino.

Here is a bit of a stat-sheet.

1993 Mazda Miata, 186K miles when I picked her up.

  • -Powersteering, LSD, (no AC)
  • -SS brake lines
  • -Tein Flex coilovers
  • -2 Momo Start race bucket seats
  • -Racing Beat header w/ cermaic coating
  • -Racing Beat muffler (super light weight)
  • -Racing Beat lightweight crank pulley
  • -High Flow Cat (still SMOG legal)
  • -Custom Megasquirt ECU* ($700 for ECU + $400 of dyno tuning)
  • -Custom intake
  • -New clutch and rear main seal on 2/1/09*
  • -Enkei RPF1 wheels w/ used Toyo Proxes
  • -OEM  14 inch wheels w/ all seasons
  • -Corner Balanced and aligned.
  • -New top installed late 2008; white hardtop
  • -New fuel regulator added June 2011
  • New belts added May 2011
  • New Spark plug wires added June 2011

I really like Kyoko. She’s nice and pretty racey, but street-able enough to drive her daily.  (I love the stickers.) It’s super nice to have car that is actually reliable, and fun to daily drive.

She’s close to perfect, as she has all of the parts that I’d want to put on a Miata in the first place. (With the exception of a full roll bar, if I get the urge to do a lapping day on a track that requires it. Also, I need some place to mount a camera.)

So now the adventure really begins…

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