Street Parked: Portland Model A

Model A Deluxe Tudor

A Model A

It’s not often one sees an 80 year old car parked on the street. This Model A was cheerfully parked down the street from the hotel I like to stay at in Portland, Oregon. In the few minutes I spent taking pictures (sadly with my iPhone and not my real camera), multiple people smiled as they strolled past it. From a bit of web research I believe this to be a Model A Deluxe Tudor.

Model A face

Happy little car

Ford made nearly 5 million Model As during a production run lasting from 1927 to 1931. The Model A was Ford’s first car with the standard pedal layout used by all cars to this day. The Model T, this car’s predecessor, had a confusing array of pedals and levers that would leave a driver of modern cars stranded and scratching their heads (perhaps also with a broken arm from a failed attempt at crankstarting the T).

The Model A is a car that can still be driven every day. In fact, an employee of Hagerty Insurance just finished an ambitious year long adventure where he used his Model A as his only car. He kept a blog about his experience with “The Mighty Model A”. It is a great read:

Model A's shiny metal butt

The wood rack is where you strap your trunk.

There were a variety of different body styles available to the Model A shopper. These ranged from sporting roadsters, to sedans like our subject, to trucks. The Model A is popular with hot rod builders, who do things like put flat head Ford V8s in them. My personal favorite hot rod Model A was built by the crazy Finns at Makela Auto Tuning who replaced the original 40 horsepower four cylinder engine with a Cosworth BDA, a four cylinder engine capable of 250 horspower at 9000 rpm.

Behold the glory of that BDA powered Model A.

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