Project Black Roadster (NA6C): Beauty amongst frustration.

The Roadster has been frustrating the hell out of me lately. When I picked up the car, I knew that she wasn’t perfect, but I had no idea how little she had been taken care of before I bought her. Now I spend alot of my time fixing several things that the previous owner took less than perfect care off.

I haven’t been able to enjoy the car once this year at the local autocrosses, without something happening to her.

Last week, a serpentine belt snapped. Prior to that, the water pump failed, and the radiator cracked. It’s irritating and frustrating, having to spend my weekends repairing/recovering my car, rather than driving her.

It’s been a fun learning experience, since I’ve been repairing my own car, However, I don’t like to be stranded on the side of the road when I’m trying to get home.  Yet, I find myself still attracted to this car.

Something is probably wrong with me. Hopefully my next project log post will be something more positive, rather than me constantly checking the tension on serpentine belts…


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