Johnnie Walker and Mclaren: Marketing Partners in Style.

In my last post, I pointed out what I thought was a lame-duck marketing effort by Lotus Cars. Now I wanted to point out what I believe to be a much cooler marketing effort in motorsport.

One of Vodaphone Mclaren-Mercedes more active sponsors, is the drink company Johnnie Walker. The company has worked with Mclaren on a number of levels to develop some interesting campaigns, which melt the brands of the ‘cool’ Johnnie Walker with the high-speed competitiveness of Mclaren.

What makes it so good? Obviously the involvement with the drivers, and the racing team make for an engaging first step. However, take a closer look at some of the themes that prevail throughout, which hint at the level of success that these drivers and teams have achived.  A success which reflects on positively on the sponsors that support them. As a bonus, I like the use of black/white imagery, which just make these videos interesting to watch.

Below are some highlighted marketing videos that have been developed through the Johnnie Walker sponsorship campaign, that I just wanted to feature for our followers this morning.

Lewis and Jenson detail the Singapore nightlife

Lewis explains how he gets prepared for a race weekend

How does Jenson feel about racing after winning the World Championship?

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