2012 Lotus Exige Commericial- Proof that Lotus Cars have lost their way…

Ever since Danny Behar took charge of Group Lotus, I’ve always believed that Lotus Cars have completely lost touch with their core audiences. In the quest to expand Lotus into a global presence,  Ibelieve that the current brand image has separated from the niche fundamental elements that once made Lotus great. It could be summed up in one phrase:

Performance through lightness.

However in 2011, this mantra is dead. Now much like other car manufacturers, Lotus cars are getting heavier and more cumbersome. Their marketing has become ridiculous, and now in my opinion, the current Lotus has devolved into just another generic car maker among many competitors.

This commercial reminds me of something made by Dodge, filled with useless metaphor and imagery. Something designed by marketing suits, rather than passionate enthusiasts

In my opinion, these cars are not true Lotus…

What do you think? Are you inspired by these new Lotus cars, or repelled? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “2012 Lotus Exige Commericial- Proof that Lotus Cars have lost their way…

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  2. Great post and judging by that advert, couldn’t agree with you more. Autocar said on the latest road-test for the Evora S that 1400kg was a little on the heavy side for a Lotus and judging by how many cars they were hoping to launch over the coming years, it does feel like they are trying to step into bigger market; shame that means they are beginning to loose that Lotus spark to maximise profit margins.

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