‘Our Tim joins StartingGrid.org

Hello StartingGrid readers! I’m Our Tim, the latest contributor to this wonderful blog and I just wanted to say a quick hello before I start publishing new posts and you all think “who is this guy?”.

So yes, hi there! My real name is Tim Watson, but I use my nickname (and stage name) of ‘Our Tim for most things I do. Old habits die hard, so if you see any posts ending in ‘Our Tim or OT, that’s me 🙂

Speaking of, a bit of background would be good wouldn’t it? Well, I work for a multitude of radio stations here in the UK and I’m a freelance presenter. My life is completely dominated by anything with four wheels and an engine and I’m completing a Masters in Automotive Journalism at present. I’ve spent far too much time around cars and below are a couple of projects I’ve done over the past year.

This first one is a video project completed for my undergraduate studies and tells the story of why some cars are more than just cars. Make sure you have a biscuit and a hot beverage before watching it, I’ve been told it makes for a far more pleasurable viewing experience 😉

This one is my final project from my undergrad studies and my on going research. Car Radio, a podcast style show that people can download and listen to anywhere they like to find out about their favourite thing in the whole world: Cars!

And finally, this is just a little treat for you really… I shot this down at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK. Its a Ferrari 206 Dino starting up and revving – absolutely stunning it was, and it sounded better than it looked!

So yes, that’s me! I hope you like the above links, and you enjoy reading my posts, its a pleasure to join the StartingGrid blog and if your interested, here’s my own blog which i post quite a lot on – http://our-tim.blogspot.com/ – and also Project 365, (http://365project.org/ourtim/365) a photo everyday for a whole year, so you’ll be able to find out what trouble i get myself into on a daily basis!

So until the next post, have a good day/night/sleep… depending where about you are in the world 🙂


‘Our Tim!

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