Project Black Roadster: Sunny side up!

Ever have a day that ends up, completely opposite of what you had planned?

So I was thinking today that I could head up to a nearby Miata parts shop, and see if they could help me source a wiring problem with my cooling fan.

The previous owner decided that it would be a ‘good idea’ to cut wiring harness that connects to the thermostat. So I’ve been ‘enjoying’ switching on the cooling fan via the AC every startup. So much fun…

So I headed down to Maple Valley to see what the they could tell me. I’m leaving the name of the shop out intentionally because when I got there, they weren’t of very much help.  (Figured it was a bad omen, when I got rained on as soon as I got there.)

However, they did have an interesting RX-7 and Miata race car graveyard. So I mulled around there for a bit, just to see what inspiration I could get for a solution. I also did some inquiring on prices on parts, and trying to see what haggling I could do.

I got a chance to open up some donor Miata and RX7s, to look at some wiring harnesses too. I wanted to see if I could diagnose what was missing on my Roadster and replace it.

After very little help from the mechanic there, I just picked up some Mazda stickers ($5) and headed out of there to somewhere more useful.


Blurry cameraphone pics FTW

A buddy of mine has a roommate who is a certified mechanic. So he took a quick look at the Roadster, and he came up with some solutions on how to re-wire the car, or create a switch for the fan.

Our quick wiring solution didn’t seem to work, so I’m leaning toward wiring a switch to the cooling fan, so I can just toggle it on/off when it gets hot.

More blurry cellphone pics! I'm on a roll!

With the Miata already open, and seeing that I don’t have a garage of my own to do work on the car at the moment, I ‘snuck’ in a quick oil change and did some quick aesthetic cleanup work to the car. (Thanks guys, for letting me use your garage.)

We took a break and headed out to a local dive for some breakfast, and just chatted about driving and what autocross events we are planning to do for the next year.

Oh, speaking about cleanup work earlier, I mentioned in another post, that the rear wing fell off last week.

Turns out the previous owner of this car thought it would be a good idea to mount the rear wing using 3M double-sided tape, so over time the wing got loose. It eventually fell off with a nice pop, when I went to close the trunk.

So after putting the offending wing in my passenger seat to take home, I decided that it would look nicer shaved anyway.

Above is the result. Looks nice, right?

So although I didn’t get my cooling fan fixed, I did end up getting some maintenance work done.

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