F1 2011- Gameplay Discussion with Stephen Hood

The new Codemasters game, F1 2011 is ready for public release at the end of the month. Here is an interview with Stephen Hood, one of the game designers. The interview covers some of the new in-game features on F1 2011, like the Safety Car, new AI Behavior and the Race Engineer.  Interesting stuff.

Although, why can’t they find better players to demo the game in these videos?

My initial impressions-

Having worked as a game tester for Forza Motorsport 3, I find myself analyzing some of the commentary that Hood makes when it comes to new features in the next game. I’m curious to see how much of the previews have been oversold.  Game designers always embellish games before they are released, so it’s interesting to see how THEY think the game will be understood by players. Especially when it comes out to AI and online play.

Things I’m looking forward to in F12011-

I’m really interested in looking at the improvements in the handling model in 2011.  I was disappointed in the way that the cars handled in 2010. (They were much too snappy, if the car got away from you.) I’m hoping that the ‘Live the Life’ career mode has more development and requires more player interaction, as the basic interviews in 2010 were completely useless.

F1 2011 has the introduction of the Safety Car as an in-game element. I’m excited to spend time during the safety car, especially online. (Is that weird?) My key question about it is, what happens if a player runs into the Safety Car during the race? 😛

Here are some of the other developer diaries for F1 2011 that we’ve covered here.

I’ve been playing’ F1 2010′ in order to get prepared to play ‘F1 2011’, and be able to compare the two right fresh. Once the new game gets into my hands, I’ll do a post about my impressions.

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