My review of ‘Senna’- Not what you think…

It’s not that the film wasn’t great. It’s just what I got was not what I expected.

I felt like the movie just skipped through a lot of interesting information about Senna’s career. Especially the earlier years when he rose up through the junior single-seater formula

What about some Formula Ford?

Some commentators believe that his driving was more aggressive than after he entered Formula 1. I wished the film had mentioned in more detail some of his struggles working his way up the racing ladder, and interviewed some of the people that he met, while he was trying to get noticed.

Not even any Formula 3???

How about his involvement in Formula 3, where Senna would start to race with drivers like Martin Brundle?  (See video below) Brundle, who wasn’t even really mentioned in the film at all, would become one of the key commentators on Senna’s career after his death. So it was a shame not to hear more from him. In the documentary that Top Gear did, they a better job getting an interview from Brundle.

Come on! No, Honda and Senna?! Really?!

The film entirely neglected to talk about Senna’s close personal relationship with Honda, who provided racing engines for McLaren during the late 80s and early 90s. Honda LOVED Senna. During his F1 career when racing the Honda-powered Mclarens, Prost would complain that Senna was receiving better race engines from Honda due to how much the company endeared Aryton. (But that would make Prost harder of a villian to target, if the public knew that.)

His relationship with Honda was apparent with their road cars, as Senna also aided in the development of the Honda NSX, which although has nothing to do with his F1 career would have been interesting information for the public to know about.


Overall Rating: 7/10-  Frankly, I think they could have done better, but then the film would have been four hours long.

It’s not like the film was terrible. Theatrically, I enjoyed the soundtrack, and I thought that the remastered race audio was a great addition.  However, the depth of the content left me wanting more. It did do a very good job at summarizing Senna’s time at Mclaren, but that’s not his entire career.

I guess I was just expecting a lot more out of the film than it was able to provide in a two hour period. Read the Senna biography. You really start to understand more about Aryton’s character and personality prior to him entering Formula 1, and I wish that had been reflected in this documentary.

Who else has seen ‘Senna’? What did you think?

6 thoughts on “My review of ‘Senna’- Not what you think…

  1. There’d be nothing wrong with a 4 hour version!
    For the first time ever, I actually felt sorry for Prost. Got the distinct impression he was ambushed.
    A shame, as they’d reconciled.
    The true villain of the film should have been Patrick Head, allegedly.

    • I get what you’re saying, but I’m not sure how much Williams should really be to blame for the accident, without more information on how it actually occurred.

      I’d really like to see a documentary about the development of the FW16, and what could have led up to that tragic accident. I’m surprised that Damon Hill drove that car as aggressively as he did following Senna’s death.

  2. I watched it and really enjoyed it. Have been a racing fan for many years but Senna was slightly before my time and so I didn’t know a lot about his career. I found it interesting and was too busy learning about Senna in the movie to criticise the direction. Just my thoughts.

    • I think that’s a really fair point actually. In my case, I happened to know a bit about Senna before walking in to see the film, so I was expecting ‘more’

      However, I was like that with Transformers too, so maybe it’s just me. 😉

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