World’s Prettiest Track Marshal!

For some whom were in Spa for the Belgian GP last weekend, might of seen this blonde bombshell of track marshal. Now for me, I’ve been around a bit, but I’ve never seen anyone like this!

In my opinion, F1 needs more women, and as a bloke, I actively support the Twitter campaign #WomenInF1. When I first spotted her, I thought she belonged on the grid, with the rest of the ultra good looking women. But no, she is a Fully Qualified Marshal. Do you know this person?

I, along with the rest of the F1 community would like to know more about this mysterious marshal.

Believe me when I say this: She brightened everyone’s day up at the hill of Eau Rouge when it rained. And not to be sexist, many women on that hill complemented her also.

Give us your thoughts.

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