Does anyone know about Saker SportsCars?

I love learning new things about automobiles from different countries. These images are of a Saker SV1, I believe. From what I can find.  Saker is a New Zealand or Dutch branding, and the company seems to have some competition history. (Formula Ford, Hillclimbs, etc).

I’m thinking that we’re looking at another ‘Noble’-esque type machine. Until I find more information on it, I’m going to reserve my judgement on whether it’s an awesome car or not.

Certainly looks the business, though.

This is one of their road-car versions of what I believe is called the SV1. Some of the lines remind me of a Porsche 962 or the Nissan R390. Check out the gallery below.  I’ve seen some onboard videos of the car banging around Spa, and it sounds pretty gnarly. I’m still trying to source what types of engines are powering these cars. I’ve read Ford V6s, but I’ve also heard Subaru Flat-Fours.

This is going to be a nice research project when I have some time.

Does anyone else know anything about Saker?

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