Does anyone remember the ‘Mid Night Club’?

I’m sitting in my local coffee shop watching cars drive by the freeway, as I think about nostalgic JDM  cars that I have always loved. (Is that weird?) Anyway, my thoughts lead back to a group of cars that I’ve followed since I first got into tuning cars. The Mid Night Club.

Based out of Japan, these illegal freeway racers would tune up their cars and race at 160+mph. They are one of the most respected ‘Wangan’ racing teams in the history of Japanese street racing. What they did was dangerous. It was reckless. However, what I can’t stop thinking about was how much ‘character’ those guys had.  Passion. Pure Passion

It’s got nothing to do with the street racing, at all. It’s got nothing to do with the fancy cars. What really gets me thinking about them is that the ‘Mid Night Club’ was a group of guys with a passion for what they loved. They went out and did it. They lived life.

Team members were not allowed to ask others what they did for a living to afford their expensive hobbies. It was rumored that some team members went as far as putting prototype racing engines in their cars for these high-speed battles.

They had membership policies, they didn’t mess around with safety, but once you were in the Mid Night Club was like a brotherhood. Wearing the sticker was like a badge of honor. I’ve read stories of people getting their cars vandalized for trying to rep ‘UN-official’ ones.

Passion like this is missing from alot of car enthusiasts today. No, I’m not talking about the street racing. Some element about the ‘Mid Night’ just seems to ooze emotion and class.

Maybe people and cars from the past seem to have more passion, because I look at them with rose-tinted glasses, but I feel like there is a certain element that’s missing from the current times.

A certain ‘it’ factor. Does anyone know what that is?

Sadly a fatal accident with a motorcycle gang-member racing on the Wangan caused the team to break up, and it’s members to never be heard from again. From a logistical standpoint, it’s for the best. Street racing is dangerous, and people could get killed.  However, when the Mid Night Club disbanded, a part of car culture was lost.

Here is a quote written about that fateful night.

“Due to a policy that the Mid Night Club had organized at their start up, the group disbanded. Their rule was simple, if anyone was to die during the existence of the club, whether a racer, or a motorist, or whether it was indirect or directly the clubs fault, they would disband.

And that they did.” – Steve Neill

Character lost to time. Despite what people say, does anyone think that we can find that ‘character’ again?

4 thoughts on “Does anyone remember the ‘Mid Night Club’?

  1. I don’t know for sure if we can fully “have” their passion for what they did. But it would be amazing if we can get even a little of what they had. Their style of racing was really crazy, but what they did after the accident is just epic.

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  3. The least you could do is put my name down as the quote you took it from! It’s Steve Neill, and that picture of the BNR32 is my own personal photoshop. That car was never part of the club – it resides in HK in private hands as a full on track car, not a road legal car.

    But you’re absolutely right – the men had soul. That’s what made Mid Night so special… that they raced with their hearts, not with their egos.

    • Hey,
      Thanks for getting in touch! I know I found the image from Google, and I had forgotten where I’d located the quote.

      I’ll make sure to edit the post. 🙂 Thanks for reaching out.


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