Street Parked: Alfa Sprint Car 1 plus 1

This fendered open wheel creation was at the open house hosted by Close Enough, Probably Ok alongside our last Street Parked subject.

It's a red car with a bonus extra roll bar

Red and ready for a dab of traffic oppo

Starting with a classic sprint car body, this car has been given an extra feature to increase its usability.

To give this single seat racer the ability to pull kid drop off duty, a motorcycle sidecar has been donated by a wayward Harley Davidson.

A red car with a side car

Not what I expect when I order a side car.

The wheels on this machine have a decidedly not circle track look to them.  Closer inspection reveals that this car is motivated by an Alfa Romeo drivetrain.  A 1958 750 Veloce was liberated of its engine and transmission for this project.  Triumph and Honda parts were also used, but the Alfa pieces seem to add the most flare to this car.

red car with white pipes

Bundled snakes will strike

The Alfa’s gauges were used on this car’s hand made dash.  The classic looking machine turned dash was made using a drill with a scotchbrite pad attached.  A steady hand and a straight grid pattern give a dash similar to those used on classics like Allards.

the circles, the circles

Alfa guages lend credibility to any car

From the genuine faux authenticity of the look of the nose of this car, it is not surprising that some passers by think this car was created in Italy and not on the shores of Lake Union.

A red car with a badge where a snake is eating a guy

Alfa badge's snake eating a guy is oddly at home on a dirt running Sprint car.

This car is begging to be your commuter and is certain to be Probably Ok.

Probably Ok

Probably Ok

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3 thoughts on “Street Parked: Alfa Sprint Car 1 plus 1

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  2. The open house was last weekend. The cars usually live in the Close Enough workshop, which is located across the street from the Center for Wooden Boats. Close Enough is the only building left on its block, quite literally unmissable. The folks that run the place are very nice and are willing conversationalists when the shop doors are open. I make it a point to say hello on the days I walk to work.

    The yellow Diamond T (there’s also a blue one – stay tuned) lives elsewhere, but the Alfa is always there. I’d love to get a driving impression of any of these, I’ll see if I can finagle my way behind the wheel.

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