James May said it best when quoted that when you were a kid you had one of two things on your wall. Either a poster of a Lamborghini, or a supermodel. I was the kid with the Lamborghini.

I still have a poster of a LP500 that I see everyday. Can you blame me? Of supercars from this era, in my opinion, the Lamborghini Countach was only outdone by the Ferrari Testarossa as a car that I ‘had’ to have.

With arching fenders, vertical doors, sharp rakes and wings, I’m still always surprised to find out that the car doesn’t have machine guns under the front cowl. That’s how striking this car has been to me.

The other reason I love this car, is how divided it makes people. You either love or hate this car. It doesn’t allow you to think of it any other way.

The only failing I’ve found for the car in my emotional database, was that I wish that the Countach had made more of a showing in motorsport.

However, with all Italian sports cars of the era, it probably would have burned itself down on the first lap. Still love them though. The Countach is one of those cars that have struck an emotional chord with me. I’ve read the reviews about how nasty it can be to drive. That the handling can be scary. That the engine could catch on fire…

But I don’t care about any of those things. I’ve still got a poster of one on my wall.

*There was a manga made for the car, called ‘Countach’. Did anyone know that? One of my favorite series. Check it out on Mangafox.

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