Some thoughts from the management. ;)

So  for the next few weeks, Formula 1 is taking a holiday for the summer break. The time off from F1 is giving me some time to reflect and think about what I’m using the blog for.

Personally, I like the StartingGrid, because I get a chance to share some awesome features about cars and driving. However lately, I’ve realized that I’ve been flooding the blog with Formula 1 content. Now while that’s no bad thing, that’s not all I want this blog to be about.

I’m going to take more of an effort to feature more road car articles, since that’s where my passion lies. They’ll be more real-world content from me working on my MX Roadster, and also doing more karting.  You’ll also be getting more personal statements from me, etc. (We’ll see how that goes.)

Sorry for the blurry camera phone pictures.

I’m also reaching out to find some interested contributors to do some writing for the blog, so that we can have a few extra viewpoints, besides my own.

For this end of the quarter, I’m really looking into transforming the blog into more of a conversation space for car enthusiasts. I’m going to need help from readers and writers to help make this more fun, but I really think that it will pay off nicely in the end.



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