What I’ve been up to lately: Gaining Exp Points!

I’ve been spending alot of my spare time lately karting. Karting in league races, karting with my girlfriend, and teaching some kart schools. I’ve been having a real fun time at my local kart tracks, just getting some seat time refining my racecraft at Pacific Grand Prix. Fun stuff.

Teaching kids the basics of karting and racecraft has been super satisfying. I really hope that I get the opportunity to teach some more young kids again.

I’ve also had a graphic design create a racing logo for me. Buscko Designs created the work for me, and they do some excellent work! I’m detailing on having some racing jackets and logos for my new (still awaiting for) helmet for the upcoming year. Below are some ideas that have been developed by RJ for me. Great work, sir!

However, I just spent some time at a drift day at the track, and I’m starting to get some ideas with the Miata… More to come there.

One thought on “What I’ve been up to lately: Gaining Exp Points!

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