Lunch Break Video: Nico Rosberg – Formula 1 driver training in Monaco

We at the “StartingGrid” know that being fit is one of the key points of being a good driver. (Of course, easier said than done). This year, the team is working on finding fitness programs that work for us.

Maybe we should take a page out of Nico’s book?

4 thoughts on “Lunch Break Video: Nico Rosberg – Formula 1 driver training in Monaco

  1. Looks like a pretty intense workout, but all of it make perfect sense. I’m not a driver but there are things in that I would like to try doing for grooming. (Mainly the tennis ball agility test)

      • Grooming requires a degree of attention and fitness that one wouldn’t really expect. Every part of the grooming process, from the bath to the velocity drier to the actual hair cutting, has a kind of risk. One could draw a parallel to driving. Sure, on a straightaway there is LESS chance of something going horribly wrong (like in grooming and the bath and drying) but you still have to pay very close attention. When you think of things like weather and road conditions (the dog’s attitude and disposition) while you’re driving (or in my case grooming 😉 ) along with the lay of the road (style of the cut), the driver’s mind – and body – are constantly calculating and moving to take the most effective and safest path on the course.

        Grooming also requires a lot of core and upper body strength – particularly with large dogs in the German Shepherd to Mastiff range – to make sure that the dog is still, even though the dog doesn’t understand it is safer by not moving. There are times when we are literally wrestling with larger dogs to do something as simple as clipping their nails.
        The agility test stood most out to me because I do not enjoy being bit, and recognizing that the animal is attempting to bite me and being able to move out of the way fast enough is appealing. 😉 Remind me to tell you about the time a Standard Poodle almost ate my face.

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