|Video| Why doesn’t Microsoft hire this guy ? – Dan Bull raps Forza Motorsport 5

And…, I’m bored on the internet again. It happens.

I just came on this guy a few days ago. Dan Bull. He’s a UK music artist that does raps about video games and comedy, so he’s just hilarious. The only reason I’m sharing this is because he did a comedy rap for Forza Motorsport 5, and it was really pretty good.

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|World Formula| Start of the Racing Season…with Pictures! #kart


Of course, someone catches me mugging the camera in my fatty kart suit.

I guess we have to do something ourselves sometimes, right?

So the start of the 2014 race season has finally gotten underway for myself and my karting team, Xccel Racing. We’ve got several drivers in different categories of machines this year, so that allow us get out to several different tracks in the Pacific Northwest.

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|Shakedown| -Allan McNish Tells How The 2014 #F1 Cars Will Drive

So take it from someone who has driven in Formula 1, and has massive experience with racing hybrid cars. Allan McNish is probably the most qualified person to be explaining how the cars will feel in Formula 1 for 2014.

Besides, it’s always good to get a Shakedown video where a former driver is the star. You learn so much about how they think. Watch and enjoy.

|Video| Formula 1 is weird now. How are you coping?

So we’re in a second day of Formula 1 testing for 2014. I’m still shocked over what the new noses of the majority of the cars look like, but I’m starting to get over it. (Or at least lying to myself, that I’m getting over it). After doing a bit of surfing, I found a link to a video of Jerez testing that gives a taste of what the new V6-Hybrid turbo engines sound like.
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