Why you should want to help |StartingGrid|

Most car sites show up and say “Here is my stuff. Take it or leave it.” They don’t want your help to improve their content. They don’t want to reach out and engage with readers.  They just want you to watch as they do all of the cool things.

Thankfully, |StartingGrid| doesn’t work that way.

We’re proud of the fact that we reach out to our readers and say ‘Come! Make this place your own!’  In order for this site to be a quality little corner of the internet, we believe that it needs to be shaped to be the way you want.

However, in order to do that properly, we need your help.


How can I help?

1) Come and visit the site often-  It gives us a good idea of what posts you are looking at the most, so we can bring you more content that you like! We have over 1000 articles on automotive related stuff, so there has to be something that interests you!

sample post 2

Tweet us! We’ll chat you right up!

2) Share links around and get involved in the conversation: Spread the word of |StartingGrid| around the internet by getting involved in social media. Follow Bret and myself on Twitter, and join our Facebook page. If we know about you, we’ll be able to reach out!

When we come up with cool StartingGrid swag, we give them out to people who follow the blog. Many of our events are launched out through our social media , so you’ll be able to keep better tabs on what’s going on!

Share with us your social media handles and we’ll spread them around, if you want.


Do you like what you see around here? What else can we do?

3) Give feedback: |StartingGrid| is always changing.  Sometimes for the better. Other times, we need a bit of a polishing. Point out articles that you really like and let us know why.

Send us mail with links to other blogs on the internet that you like their content or how they format their sites, etc. That helps us figure out what things to tweak!

Sample post

Our best content comes from readers.

4) Write and edit posts: Some of our best content has come from help from our most involved readers. It’s for that reason that we have an open-door policy on new writers. We have an entire page here, if you want to learn more about how to jump in and start.

It’s super easy. It doesn’t have to be much. Even if you have a half-flourished idea, get in touch with one of us and we’ll help you develop it out.


Come. Join the team. Get involved.

In 2013, we want |StartingGrid| to grow into more than just a site that a blogs about cars. We want to grow into a solid community of car-lovers. We can’t do it alone, nor do we want to. We want as many people involved as we can find, and see where this takes us.

Come. Join the team. Get involved. It’s a fun place to play, and it’ll only be getting better. We want to be able to do is make you feel part of a club, no matter where you are. We want you to have a place where you are able to share your car-thoughts and automotive projects with the world.

Leave a comment, email relaxeddriver(at)gmail.com, or get a hold of us via any social media outlet, so we can get your thoughts.  You know you want to.

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